A Taste of the Global Audience via The Blonde Salad

As the Internet brings the world together with digital communications – like this blog – the need to keep a global audience in mind while writing increases. Not only do writers have to consider difficulty of language in their writings, but they also have to take into account specific words indigenous to a culture as well as certain jokes. While making sure language is easy to read for the variety of communication consumers in the world, it is also important to make sure an organization remains true to its voice and brand. Fashion blogs are no different. As the Internet usage grows and the consumption of paper media diminishes, fashion bloggers are creating careers by posting what they wear online and then getting consumers to buy those clothes.

An example of a fashion blogger who keeps her voice in mind while also addressing the global audience is The Blonde Salad. Chiara Ferragni, founder and blogger behind The Blonde Salad, keeps the global audience in mind. The Italian blogger originally posted in Italian, however, as her blog evolved into the global phenomenon that it is today, she started incorporating English into her posts. The language is lighthearted, easy to read and showcases Chiara’s fun personality!

Key points to take from Chiara’s blog:

1) Her core readership came from Italy so she stays loyal to those in her network by posing in Italian.

2) To continue to grow her site she started incorporating English into her posts. This opened her site up to many more potential readers.

3) Her language is simple and fun – on brand for her – realizing this is the fashion industry.

4) The site is easy to navigate encouraging readers to dive into full posts and engage with her text instead of just focusing on the photos.


Do you read any blogs that are run outside of the United States? If so, what blogs do you read? Do those sites take the global audience into consideration?


Screenshot from The Blonde Salad


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