The Unproductive Presentation


They happen every once and a while. You have to prepare documents to share with colleagues and bosses for presentations on what you have accomplished – say in the past fiscal quarter. Many dread these presentations because they are long, demand high attention spans and unfortunately unproductive. Unproductive? Yes, unproductive. With so many departments operating in a standard business, board presentation meetings tend to turn into Show, FLASH and Tell. A chain of trying to over impress whoever is looking at the presentation in the hopes that nothing will be critiqued and all with continue as planned. But, why? Why not strive for improvement than fight for mediocrity? Here are the top reasons why meetings are unproductive and how you can change them to go BEYOND the average employee (or even business owner).


Unproductive quality: Skewing data to make it look like something is happening when it really isn’t.

Why it sets you back: Data that doesn’t show a full scope of what is happening will not allow for effective changes in operations.

Way to go BEYOND: Be sure to accurately display data in presentations, then follow up presentations with questions/concerns and initiate a conversation around improving current objectives and executions.


Unproductive quality: Not reading documents before a presentation.

Why it sets you back: If you do not know what is happening in a presentation you will likely 1) have a greater chance of forgetting to share pertinent information if you are the presenter or 2) not be engaged during the presentation and have a greater chance of zoning out and/or not understanding the material.

Way to go BEYOND: Reread documents for a presentation before presenting or listening to a presentation. This will ensure you’re up to speed with what is happening and will be more engaged during the presentation.


Unproductive quality: Consuming food.

Why it sets you back: How distracting for a presenter if you are eating while trying to listen/learn from another person.

Way to go BEYOND: Have a healthy, high protein meal before entering a meeting/presentation. This will ensure your brain is energized and ready to learn while also preventing annoying eating sounds in the meeting.


Have you experienced bad presentation etiquette recently? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! This blog is always looking to go BEYOND basic business.



One thought on “The Unproductive Presentation

  1. I loved this post. I think that you did a topic that we don’t see a lot. Most of the times, we talk about how to do successful presentations, but neglect the topic of unsuccessful presentations. I learned a lot from this and found it to be extremely informative and helpful! Thanks for the great post.

    -Michael Giangiordano


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